Welcome to NTS - Online Hosting Services

In order to get started on uploading your new website, please make sure you have the following information.


Domain Name: domainname.com (example)
username: username (example)
password: dr1v3 (example)



After you have this information in hand, you will need to open a FTP program up. This is the program that is used to upload your website to our servers so the world can see your page. The FTP client used in this demonstration is Internet Explorer.


Open Internet Explorer by going to Start -> Programs -> Internet Explorer.



In the address bar, type your ftp site: (eg: ftp://ftp.domainname.com/).



Internet Explorer will prompt you for a username and password. Enter in your username and password and click Login.



Now you are connected. Double click on the httpdocs folder. This is where your html documents and images will be stored. Make sure not to get this folder confused with the httpsdocs folder! The httpsdocs folder has an extra "s" in it.



Now you should see your httpdocs folder.



Open your website folder on your hard drive. Drag the files to your httpdocs folder.



Internet Explorer will begin uploading your website.




Your website should be ready to view!
If you would like to reference this page, please go here, and bookmark the page. If you have any questions, please click here for help.



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